Jacobs salutes country’s talent after dance recital

POSTED: 06/19/12 11:41 AM

St. Maarten – Minister of Culture Silveria Jacobs attended a dance recital by the St. Maarten Dance Theatre, headed by Susha Hien and Ihndhira Marlin on Sunday. It was an evening of dance from three-year-olds and up which was thoroughly enjoyed by parents, family and friends as well as the many dignitaries in attendance.
As a dancer herself, the minister was filled with pride to see this generation of dancers’ growth and development in this art form. It is evident that St. Maarten possesses immense talent. Many senior dancers returned from their studies to dance with the companies.
Jacobs’s vision is for each child on St. Maarten to be able to excel and develop his/her personal talents in this very way. The minister will actively seek to be able to offer more opportunities for students’ talents to be recognized and nurtured in the school environment so that a child’s artistic and athletic development is not dependent on the size of their parents’ wallet.
Jacobs also congratulates the directors, choreographers, instructors and dancers for a beautiful and professional show.

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Jacobs salutes country’s talent after dance recital by

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