Jacobs pursues sports legislation

POSTED: 02/12/13 12:06 PM

St. Maarten -Sport Minister Silveria Jacobs wants parliamentarians to enact legislation that would see anti-doping regulations locally.

Jacobs was asked by the United People’s Party (UP) faction what specific laws she would like legislators to assist with for sports development on the island.

She pointed to the anti-doping international laws that are readily available and would only require ratification by St. Maarten.

“We should be able to ratify some international laws to protect St. Maarten’s good names and also protect our athletes so that they do not fall prey when they go abroad and are disqualified for not passing doping tests,” the minister said.

She added that the recognition of free medical care for all athletes is also something the parliament ought to consider.

The minister is also a proponent of national laws being passed which allow for people who are qualified volunteers, coaches, athletes and physical education specialists to get time off to pursue these activities. The minister explained that many of these individuals have full time jobs that do not contribute to sports development in any way, however if they were given at least 2 hours bi weekly  to pass on their knowledge and skills to young people, they would be making a direct contribution to national development.

National Alliance Member of Parliament Hyacinth Richardson suggested that Jacobs look into the possibility of airport departure fee exemptions for athletes and artistes who leave these order valium online overnight shores to represent the island.

She said that this already occurring but not in a structured way and she would therefore proceed with a policy to guarantee this. Member of Parliament drs. Gracita Arrindell (UP) said that she fully supports the exemption suggestion but wants the minister to make it a long, which ensures longevity, and not just a policy.

Other policies suggested by parliamentarians for youth and artistic expressions are already within her ministry’s framework, Jacobs said.

“New policies are not needed; we need to start executing the existing policies in a structured manner,” she added.

During a central committee meeting on Friday, Jacobs told parliament that she will also be seeking its support to extend the school day as Minister of Education.

Her proposal will see lunch being provided to students, co-curricular activities in the afternoon hours such as art and culture and a community school until 6:00 pm.

“One of the things we have been discussing at various levels, I believe that the middle and upper class of St. Maarten should pay for services that are rendered to their children and those that are in need will be able to get things free. Anyone making below $1500 deserves free services,” the minister said. It is those students whose parents are considered below the middle class, who will be provided with free lunch, should the minister succeed in getting the school day lengthened.

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