J.W. Sloan Gallery has to pay $75,000 for not delivering $900-table

POSTED: 01/29/11 1:47 PM

St. Maarten – A dispute with a customer from Anguilla over a table worth $900 has cost the J.W. Sloan Gallery owner Jan Marshall in Cole Bay a penalty of $75,000. Yesterday, the Common Court of Justice ruled in favor of the client and ordered the gallery to pay the penalty.
The details about the case are sketchy at the moment. But it appears that the customer, Anguilla-based attorney Joyce Kentish took the gallery to court when a $900 table she had paid for was not delivered. The court ordered Sloan to deliver the table to the client and set a penalty for each day that the company did not comply with the court order. The maximum for the penalty was set at $75,000.
Sloan did not comply with the court order. Instead the company turned around and took its client to court once the penalty has reached it maximum in an attempt to get away from it.
But the court did not side with Sloan, even though the company argued that it would get “in serious financial trouble” if it has to pay the claim. The court considered this argument irrelevant.
The J.W. Sloan Gallery is a business run by Jan Marshall. This newspaper approached the gallery for a comment from Mr. Marshall, but he had already left for the weekend and his manager told us that he does not have a cell phone.
Sloan is also in court with painter Roland Richardson. The painter is suing Sloan because the gallery at one time was selling illegal copies of his work. In the past there have also been complaints from other local artists about this practice.
The furniture-branch of the gallery is in the meantime under new management; the new owner obviously has nothing to do with the court-dispute between Marshall and Joyce Kentish.

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J.W. Sloan Gallery has to pay $75,000 for not delivering $900-table by

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