J Lyrics re-launches tune on radio

POSTED: 09/12/12 12:58 PM

St. Maarten – Jean Barry Hodge, aka J Lyrics, can only describe his transition into the music industry as a humble beginning after starting out at the age of seven. Now a fully grown man with years of experience in composing and singing, he is ready to re release a tune entitled ‘Tina Told Her Baby’ at the end of October which was first released back in 2007.
J Lyrics, who was born on the French side of the island was inspired to get involved in music by one of his uncles who played the piano. “Music is something that runs in my family,” he said during an interview with this newspaper.
But it was not until 1998 that J Lyrics decided to take his budding career to the next level. “I participated in events like youth extravaganza and karaoke,” he said. But when he produced and a song entitled ‘Ride Or Die’ on his first album in 2006, that was when his career took off and there has been no turning back since.
According to J Lyrics, a sentimental type, he gets his ideas from listening to love songs. “I am inspired by love affairs, my own and those of others around me. I looked up to people like Michael Jackson, R Kelly and Baby Face,” he said.
However, J Lyrics does not confine his talent to himself, he also wrote songs for some of the local artistes like Natisha Hanson, Samara Dore and New Chick On The Block. J Lyrics also claims that he wrote a song for the late Whitney Houston, entitled ‘Say Goodbye’ back in 2009.
When asked how he was able to make contact with the management of the late Houston, J Lyrics said, “The internet is a powerful tool, I don’t know why it has not been released and I am not sure if it will ever be released,” he admitted.
When asked why he is launching a second release of Tina Told her Baby, J Lyrics said, “I feel that I have a better working relationship with the various radio stations, they are showing me the love and some of my fans who knew the song want to hear it again.” Fans can also log onto his Facebook to hear his music or hear it on YouTube.

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