“It’s like Déjà vu with you”  Latoya Lake debuts  with romantic novel

POSTED: 09/16/15 10:24 PM

Latoya LakeAuthor Latoya Lake. Photo Today / Andrew Dick


St. Maarten – In less than twelve months, local author Latoya Lake has spiraled to the forefront of the island’s list of books to read. The pharmacist assistant was inspired to go back to school and finish off St. Dominic High. This is where she met a girl who encouraged her to write more. The idea of a romantic novel comes from my personal experiences and from my friends. “I wanted to do something different and writing a romance book is something completely different,” said the author yesterday.

It’s like Déjà Vu with You is the story of a “pepper-tongued Caribbean woman” navigating romance, career and her own tendency to over-think things. “I started this journey after conversing with friends over the intricacy of love and dating. Paying attention to our situations, I noticed that although we were all young professionals, we were still having our fill of embarrassing and, dare I say, surreal moments. I then decided to make note of them, unaware that my peculiar method was creating characters. The characters in my novel are not based on specific persons in my life, but are a mixture of qualities found in friends, family and people I have met,” the 32-year-old author stated.

Lake describes the book as a romantic novel with a twist at the end. It promotes St. Maarten and the Caribbean region, but other islands have been given fictitious names. Both main characters are from St. Maarten, but the story starts in a different setting. Most of the story takes place here, but also ventures over to other islands in the Caribbean. “I am working on two more books and I am excited, for the launch I printed 175 books and they did very well, I must say,” she told this newspaper. Social media did play a major role in the plot of the book. “I would post some of my story line online and it would get comments and people would ask for more, and this helped me with where I wanted the story to go,” said Lake.


Lake says the book is written from her personal perspective and with a clear purpose, profoundly female. The wife and mother wrote the more than 80,000 words her novel contains in less than a year. Lake works at the Friendly Island Pharmacy as a pharmacy assistant. Prior to that, she was the science lab technician for St. Dominic High School. The Milton Peters College graduate has degrees in science, which she feels adds to her writing style.

Lake is self-publishing her novel through Create Space. It is available via Amazon.com as well as at local bookstores, Van Dorp, Shipwreck and the airport. Her second book is a follow-up piece which she describes as “less contained and more focused on what happens after you have success.”


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“It’s like Déjà vu with you”  Latoya Lake debuts  with romantic novel by

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