Investigators deploy dogs in Bakx murder investigation

POSTED: 08/30/16 8:55 AM

KRALENDIJK –On the day family, friends and colleagues paid their respects to Ferry Bakx, the investigation into the circumstances that led to the death of this police officer continued. For this investigation, dubbed Drum, special expertise was flown in, Jannita Monna writes on Caribisch Netwerk.

These experts are two police dogs. One is specialized in tracking down ammunition and firearms. The other dog is good in tracking items that have been left at the scene of a crime. On Saturday, the dogs inspected the vicinity of the villa in Sabadeco where the incident took place on August 17 that cost Bakx his life.

More than thirty people are participating in the investigation. Detectives of the Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland have support from the national police, the police force of Aruba and Curacao, personnel of the ministry of defense, customs and the Coast Guard.

Investigators are using new technology that is not available in Bonaire or the region. For the first time on the island a 3D-scan is being made of the area to chart the situation.

Earlier last week police arrested a man who used a white van that has been labeled suspicious in the investigation. The man was released again last week Thursday but he remains a suspect. The van has been impounded and is being examined.

Investigators are also looking for someone who sustained serious injuries on August 17, possibly due to a fall from a height. Earlier they asked information about a man with scratch wounds to his face. The perpetrators must also have sustained injuries from thorns in the bushes through which they fled.

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Investigators deploy dogs in Bakx murder investigation by

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