Investigators are close to solving Eric Sam murder

POSTED: 06/1/12 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – The investigation into the December 30, 2009 murder of Afoo supermarket manager Eric Yuan Sam has produced new leads, after the prosecutor’s office released pictures of the suspects in the beginning of last month. “The investigation is progressing well and we have good hope that we will be able to solve the case,” Chief Prosecutor mr. Hans Mos told this newspaper yesterday.

“We received a lot of reactions from people in Dutch Quarter. That information enables us to put more pieces of this puzzle together,” Mos said.

The prosecutor repeated the call on people who may have information about the crime to come forward. “They will certainly not be the only ones to help us with information,” Mos said.

Eric Yuan Sam was murdered during an armed robbery on December 30, 2009. Four men entered the Afoo supermarket in Dutch Quarter that evening around eight o’clock; one of the robbers fatally shot Sam.

A large scale investigation followed; suspects were detained, and house searches were done, but investigators initially did not manage to gather enough evidence. After the prosecutor’s office and the police issued a press release in early May announcing that the investigation had been reopened, Dutch Quarter residents started to come out of the woodwork with information.

Yuan Sam’s murder sent shockwaves though the community at the end of an ugly crime year in which three other businessmen lost their lives at the hands of a killer as well. On May 26, businessman Harsh Dalian was brutally shot to death in front of his house; on October 2, Casablanca brothel manager David Eustace was gunned down in his car in Oyster Pond; on December 12, businessman Jean Claude Bisque was knifed to death when he left his bumper car business in Simpson Bay.

Afoo offered a $20,000 reward in 2009 for information that will lead to the solution of the Eric Yuan Sam murder. That offer is still valid today.

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