Investigation focuses on procedures and policies – No financial mismanagement at public education division

POSTED: 10/18/12 12:30 PM

St. Maarten – Education Minister Silveria Jacobs indicated today that the investigation into the Division of Public Education Services is not to look into financial mismanagement. At the center of the investigation which began some three months ago is division head Glenderlin Davis-Holiday who was sent on leave until the investigation concludes at the end of the month.
Yesterday Jacobs said that the scope of the investigation was the operational procedures and human resources policy at the division.
“It is not a financial investigation but into the operations in the way things are being done which led to problems in terms of others not being paid on time but there are other things besides that. It is not something that has occurred for the first time this year. Having been in a situation where I worked previously, I witnessed the problem. I felt it imperative to look into the causes of the problems and get workable solutions so that we could actually address them,” the minister said.
The minister expressed optimism that at the end of the investigation, the department would operate more efficiently.
“We have a budget under which we work and for some of the issues that have been ongoing for years there have been several problems and suggestions to improve the efficiency. This is so that department will work in a way that it will be felt on the ground level including outsourcing and foundations among other things. In the end things were turned over and not done. At the end of the day we are responsible for schools not being repaired, for the levels of teachers and for them being paid and not paid and I think that we should be held accountable for this. So in order to fix a situation I think we should actually find out what are the causes of the problems. And when the committee can tell me what are the causes along with recommendations then we will sit down with the management and workers and figure out a workable solution.”
In the meantime, the minister who also bears responsibility for culture said that no decision has been made yet on whether the day after St. Maarten Day, November 11 will be made a public holiday.
In fact the minister indicated that no resolution has been put in place to give a compensation day, with Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams adding that with regard to civil servants, “that decision has not been taken but that does not exclude it, we just have not discussed it.”

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