“Internet terrorist” Roumou now begging for financial help

POSTED: 05/9/11 1:44 PM

St. Maarten – In an attempt to keep her fledgling web sites going, Internet terrorist, as an American plaintiff has called her, Judith Roumou made an appeal to readers of her blog for financial assistance.

Roumou begs on the blog to people who support her “to please contribute, whether it’s five dollars, or more.”

Roumou claims that the government of St. Maarten owes her “tens of thousands” and that she is now appealing “to anyone who believes in the freedom of speech” to help her get “more cameras, laptops and software to do a better job.”

Roumou states that she does her work “starving, no water, no money, but the work gets done.”

On the blog, she received one reaction from Alexander Baldal, aka Captain Zen, who offered to start taking pictures for her and to give her “a small laptop with a cooling problem.” Baldal also advised Roumou to use the mantra “Money is coming to me.”

In a reaction, Roumou wrote that she is taking care 24/7 of her mother.

Julian Rollocks, one of the victims of Roumou’s venomous blogs, told this newspaper in an email that he did some fact checking on Roumou. “Her mother is ill, but she has been living with another relative for about a year now. The house is a complete mess. Judith neglected her mother, as she is always on the street and in a crack house in St. Peters.”


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