Internet providers baffled over new interruptions

POSTED: 10/24/12 5:47 PM

St. Maarten – Almost two weeks after consumers experienced disruptions in their internet service, providers Caribserve and Telem encountered more technical problems yesterday.
This is again related to an outage on a submarine cable between St. Maarten and Puerto Rico (SMPR1) operated by Telem’s sister company Smitcoms.
Caribserve contacted the cable owners/operators indicating that its customers continue to experience outages as a result of these problems. Thus far there have been 3 disruptions to data connectivity within the last 24 hours, UTS-Caribserve public relations officer Ivy Lambert said yesterday. Technicians at the upstream data provider were contacted and are working to resolve the disturbance to the submarine cable to restore full service to our customers as soon as possible.
“CaribServe sincerely regrets the intermittent disruptions to the broadband service of our customers as a result of this outage. Our technical team is committed to restoring service fully as soon as possible,” a release from the company said.
TelEm said in a press release last night that the new outage was reported during the early hours of Tuesday morning. With the assistance of a cable equipment vendor in the USA, TelEm Group is attempting to identify the cause of these interruptions so that repairs can be carried out without delay.
A similar outage was experienced last week however a full report is still awaited on the nature and cause of that outage.
Cable equipment vendors in the USA say despite many man hours of testing, the precise cause of last week’s and yesterday’s outage cannot be immediately determined.
The cable outage is affecting the SMPR1 broadband cable that Smitcoms holds with other Internet Service Providers on St. Maarten, especially the broadband company CaribServe.
TelEm Group and Smitcoms, along with their cable equipment vendors in the USA are taking all steps to restore full service as soon as possible, TelEm said in a press release. The companies have meantime apologized to all broadband internet users and the customers of Caribserve for the latest service interruption.

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