Internal Affairs looks into police brutality charges

POSTED: 03/1/11 12:50 PM

Cimmaron Marlin met with Police Chief De Witte

St. Maarten – Cimmaron Marlin met with St. Maarten Chief Commissioner of police Peter de Witte yesterday afternoon to discuss the treatment he suffered at the hands of two or more police officers on February 7.
Marlin, the president of the Talking Drums Foundation that exploits the Belvedere Border Point, walked past the police station that evening around eight o’clock on his way to help a senior citizen when, in his own words, he heard police officers who came running after him. Before he knew it, they had thrown him on the ground, bashed his head against a concrete wall and taken him in handcuffs into the station.
Marlin never learned what the officers thought him guilty of. “They kept saying, he did it, he did it,” Marlin said during the meeting with the Chief Commissioner. Acting Chief Commissioner Carl John the Head of Internal Affairs, George York, were also present at the meeting.
De Witte encouraged Marlin to tell his story and promised him that Internal Affairs will look into the matter. York is expected to have a report about the incident ready in two weeks time. Marlin will receive a copy report of it.
While yesterday’s meeting was taken as Marlin’s official complaint about the incident, he will meet today with York to make a detailed statement.
De Witte and John made clear that management is taking every complaint serious. “People should not be afraid of repercussions when they file a complaint,” John said. “We hear people say that, but if it happens, it is absolutely not acceptable for us.”

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