Internal Affairs investigates addict’s stunt with police car

POSTED: 08/4/16 11:32 AM

St.maarten – The Internal Affairs department of the police force is busy with the investigation into Saturday’s incident whereby a female drug addict took of with a police car.

The handcuffed woman managed to force herself through a small window that separates the back seat from the front seat and drove off in the direction of Ace Mega Center in Cole Bay.

She ignored an order to stop and hit several cars in her bid to escape. The police officers followed on foot and fired several shots. One bullet shattered the glass on the driver’s side of the car.

The injured woman drove the car into the yard of a crack house on Celsius Road where it came to a stop. She was rearrested, treated by paramedics on the scene and later taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center.

Police Spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said yesterday that he could not comment on the question whether the officers had followed procedure because internal affairs is investigating the matter.

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Internal Affairs investigates addict’s stunt with police car by

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