Integrity Bureau by year’s end Ministers and over 900 civil servants get integrity training

POSTED: 06/20/12 12:29 PM

Ralston Eric Bennett of Life Transforming Institute leads one of the many sessions he gave to civil servants on integrity dilemnas. (DCOMM photo)

St. Maarten – The Integrity Dilemma Training, came to a successful conclusion on June 15. The interactive training, which was given by Ralston Eric Bennett of Life Transformimg Institute (LTI), allowed civil servants and invited guests to learn about integrity and how to deal with integrity related dilemmas. They were also made aware of the importance of trust, credibility, paradigms and principles and how these will help when making integrity based decisions.

The Government of St. Maarten defines integrity as a concious choice of an individual or an organization to consistently act according to aplicable rules and regulations, norms, culture, values and ethical standards regulated by law and society’s values. To be more specific, an individual civil servant can act according to the principles of integrity prescribed in the National Ordinance Material Rights of Civil Servans (LMA), the Code of Conduct and applicable rules and regulations. The government organization can operate according to the principles of integrity which are regulated in integrity legislation in keeping with the principles of good governance.

Integrity  Program Manager at the Department of the Interior and Kingdom Tammy Richardson is very satisfied with the content, the trainer and most of all the attendance and participation of the over 900 participants who attended the workshops. Some of the goals covered in the workshop were increasing  one’s personal credibility, having courage to stand for principles and getting results in a way that inspires trust and integrity. The particpants included civil servants from all levels, like Secrataries General, Department heads, policy workers, clerks, cleaners and guards. Invited guests from USONA, Ombudsman’s Bureau and General Audit Chamber, also had the opportunity to attend this training. The staff of the ministers’ cabinet had the opportunity to attend the training in the morning on June 14. Later that day the ministers themselves were able to attend a session.

There are plans to continue with more trainings and workshops, the intensification of the current Integrity awareness campaign and the estblishment of an Integrity Bureau by the end of this year as part of the integrity program for the Government of Sint Maarten and the Integrity project funded by means of Dutch development funds via Usona.

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Integrity Bureau by year’s end Ministers and over 900 civil servants get integrity training by

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