Insurance for St. Maarten police officers in the works

POSTED: 04/6/16 6:05 PM

St. Maarten News – There are currently offers from two insurance companies on the table for life, accident and disability insurance for the staff of the justice ministry, including police officers, but the unions have not taken a decision yet about which offer they would prefer to accept, Justice Minister Edson Kirindongo said in parliament yesterday afternoon.

The best-priced offers come from an insurer who will charge 239,197 guilders to cover 550 personnel against a payout of 182,000 guilders. For a payout of 200,000 guilders, the company charges 244,860 guilders. The charges come down to 36.24 and 37.10 guilders per month per insured.

The second company is a bit more expensive: 244,200 guilders for the 182,000 guilders payout (37 guilders per month) and 268,400 for the 200,000 guilders payout (40.56 guilders per month).

Minister Kirindongo said that he had made the insurance a priority since taking office in January and that he had invited the unions to give their vision. Based on the unions wishes, quotations were asked from local insurers. “Currently the unions are still negotiating with several insurers and the quotations we received are under review by my staff,” the minister said.

The insurance will not only cover uniformed officers but also administrative personnel. “Office employees at times also come into contact with prisoners and suspects,” the minister said. “In the past there have been two incidents whereby police officers were attacked inside the police station in the presence of administrative personnel.”

The minister will return to parliament next week Wednesday to answer questions members of parliament posed after his presentation.

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Insurance for St. Maarten police officers in the works by

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