Inspectorate suspends Dr. Arrindell

POSTED: 06/24/13 11:55 AM

St. Maarten – As of Monday June 24, local physician Dr. Angelica Arrindell will no longer be allowed to practice medicine at her Madame Estate Clinic.  Dr. Arrindell has been suspended by the Inspectorate of Public Health, Social Development and Labor. Via a press release Inspector General Dr. Earl Best said that based on a “thorough evaluation of complaints received, her performance as a general practitioner and indications received with regard to her health, the Inspectorate is of the opinion that it is not longer responsible to have Mrs. Angelica. Arrindell continue her practice, established at Madame Estate Health Care Center Rembrandplein Unit 4, as a medical doctor for the time being.”

The Inspectorate based its decision on the national ordinance “LV Inspectie (PB 2003 no 8 art. 2 and 11)”, the Inspectorate is the authority tasked with the supervision of and enforcement in the health care sector.

“The Inspectorate has decided to temporarily suspend all activities as a medical doctor by Mrs. Arrindell as of Monday June 24th 2013 until further notice.  This suspension will be re-evaluated after the Inspectorate has received more information on her health status,” the Inspectorate added.

Dr. Arrindell has been allowed to make the necessary arrangements with a qualified replacement physician to provide continuity of care to her patients for the duration of the suspension. She has to make this known to her patients by a press release and at her office location.

The Inspectorate has instructed the general practitioner that if she cannot arrange for a qualified replacement, she must notify the Inspectorate and all health insurance companies immediately. It is then up to the insurance companies to take the necessary steps to ensure continuity of care to their clients, Dr. Best said.

Attempts to reach Dr. Arrindell for comment were unsuccessful.

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