Inspectorate stops lecture by The Great Physician

POSTED: 08/25/11 1:01 PM

Priest Kailash Leonce caught violating healthcare laws

St. Maarten – The Inspectorate for public health put a stop to a lecture by a man who presents himself as “the honorable priest Kailash K. Leonce” at the Cultural Center on Back Street on Tuesday evening. Inspectors confiscated 127 bottles containing “substances claiming to be beneficial in the treatment of specific diseases,” the inspectorate stated in a press release.
On the internet, Leonce is presented as “herbal physician, chairman and founder of The Great Physician International” a company that is “committed to the eradication of disease.” Leonce claims to deal with diseases by using “herbal remedies, nutritional guidance and sound morals, physical and spiritual balance.”
However, “the great physician,” a native of St. Lucia, arrived in St. Maarten on Monday on a tourist visa. “He claims to be an honorable priest of the Ministry of the Ethiopia African Black International congress and also the chairman of a company called The Great Physician International,” the inspectorate wrote in a press statement.
According to the Inspector General, Leonce “provides consultations for a fee and sells supplements for certain diseases.”
People who visited the lecture had to pay a $20 entry fee. A treatment package consisting of six bottles was on sale for $240. The supplements, sold under the River of Life label, have names like womb cleaner, male tonic, pure gold, pure green, free up detox and free up laxative and the more straightforward garlic syrup.
The inspector general said in the press statement that Leonce is not a physician. “Even if he was, it is forbidden to provide medical care on the island without having your diplomas checked and registered.” It is also prohibited to collect money or sell items as a tourist, the inspectorate stated. Furthermore, it is prohibited to sell substances “that claim to have an effect for the treatment of specified diseases without having these checked and registered.”
In St. Lucia, Leonce owns a vegan restaurant called The Food of 7. A description of the restaurants features on a St. Lucia web site notes, “While you are eating our freshly prepared vegan lunch/dinner made from organic and local ingredients, you can get information on the way out on how to reduce medical issues such as diabetes through diet.” The site reports that Leonce plans to open a health food store next to this restaurant.

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