Inspection warns against unruly behavior on school buses

POSTED: 10/24/11 2:18 AM

St. Maarten (DCOMM) – The School Bus Inspection Section has received numerous complaints from bus drivers about the behavior of some school children.
The section calls upon parents “to address this behavior before somebody gets hurt. A school bus driver must focus on driving and is not able to address misbehaving students,” the department said in a press release issued this weekend.
“Students who behave in a disruptive manner on the school bus are creating a dangerous situation which put the other children and motorists in danger. The bus driver must focus his or her attention on the road and stay on schedule. Students need to act responsibly and parents need to address this matter.”

Students must behave in a responsible manner at the bus pick-up point; they must follow instructions of the driver; students must remain seated and quiet. The school bus driver is responsible for the safe operation of the school bus and he/she requires the support of parents. Any behavior which could endanger safety on the school bus is unacceptable.

Riding on the school bus is a privilege, a service provided by Government at no cost, the press release stated.
With Halloween approaching, parents are advised to speak with their kids. “In the past students have thrown eggs out of the school bus at other students who are walking to or from school. School children walking past school busses did likewise. School busses are privately owned vehicles and parents will be held responsible for their child/children’s actions.”
The section advises parents to pay attention to the contents of their child’s school bag. “In the past children were caught carrying potential weapons.”
The section asks to report unusual behavior on or with a school bus at phone number 542 45 11 or 54245 09; if there is immediate danger, call the police at 911.

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Inspection warns against unruly behavior on school buses by

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