InselAir to adapt stringent measures (after discovering someone is placing drugs in their passenger’s luggage)

POSTED: 02/24/15 1:58 AM

St. Maarten —InselAir is taking actions to find the persons involved in placing illegal drugs in the baggage of their passengers after their bags have been checked and director of the company Edward Heerenveen said once these persons are found the full extent of the law will be brought to force. He said that in light of the recent incidents the airport has introduced more stringent security measures and customs have put even more vigorous screening measures in place.

Heerenveen explained that although it’s very expensive the company is currently considering employing their own persons to perform baggage checks. Currently this is outsourced because of the expense involved and Heerenveen said that if the company decides to go the route of performing its own baggage checks, then that would mean additional expenses passed on to passengers.

In the past few months customs officials have intercepted some shipment of drugs in luggage belonging to persons travelling on Insel Air. Recently, a couple traveling back to the island from Suriname via Curacao were wrongfully detained on St. Maarten, due to drugs being found in luggage bearing their names. The couple went through the embarrassment of detention for drug trafficking, something they were totally innocent of.  They were released shortly after this when it was proven that the drugs do not belong to them. Heerenveen said the company will send a letter to the couple apologizing for their ordeal but the pressing issue for the company is to find out who are the people placing the drugs in the passengers’ luggage.

The popular consensus is that persons have been using luggage of passengers traveling onboard InselAir flights as means of transporting drugs from Curacao to St. Maarten. That phenomenon of drug trafficking apparently has become a trend, whereby, the belongings of others are being used.

Heerenveen explained that when a passenger arrives at the airport from the moment that he is checked in the luggage goes to the airport security and then customs. “So it’s out of our hands. If after the airport screening there are things being done we have no sight on that and that is what we are trying to do now by most probably getting our own screening. After the airport screening and our screening then maybe we would use the dogs again because nowadays you have to be very inventive when we talk about drugs on the airplane. These people who do this are very inventive so you have to keep pace with them,” Heerenveen said.

Responding to public allegations that the drugs are being placed in passengers’ luggage by employees of InselAir, Heerenveen said, “If these people have the proof they should go to the judge and tell the judge who they know is doing it. It is very easy to say but anything is possible. We don’t discard anything but it has to be found out and that is what we are doing now. Justice is doing this at the moment so I let them finish their thing and then I will hear what is happening. If people are involved they will get the full force of the law upon them.”

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InselAir to adapt stringent measures (after discovering someone is placing drugs in their passenger's luggage) by

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  1. contessa says:

    How about surveillance cameras? That should help solve that issue real fast!