“Innovation in action” Zenitel at the top of the market

POSTED: 12/21/12 2:18 PM

St. Maarten – Eighty years after its establishment in the Dutch Caribbean, Zenitel is certainly not a classic company and moreover is the one who leads the way, is the example to follow and sets the standard in its specialization in countries the world over.

In our region, Zenitel is known by four generations of commercial and individual clients as a reliable, stable, innovative company. Since its establishment, originally as Radio Holland, Zenitel has known continuous growth and offers its clients solutions for all types of challenges and wishes in regards to communications. Zenitel also makes the best use of available communication methods that are available or are developed by the company, such as GPS systems, offering clients solutions that are profitable and stable.

Its best known products are the radio communications system Chuchubi and the GPS system to monitor the movement of vehicles called “Locator”. Zenital has many other products and continues adding products to its portfolio, depending on the customer’s needs.

Recently during a regional meeting and fabulous celebration with colleagues from Aruba and Sint Maarten, which took place on Curaçao, the enthusiastic group presented their progress and dynamic development on the three islands. The meeting was productive, but above all was the opportunity to socialize, share information and get to know the new Dutch Caribbean Managing Director, Mr. Bert Schreuders, better.

The company’s expertise and specialization is very broad and lately Zenitel has installed several systems for different Dutch Caribbean organizations which depend on reliable communications structures for their operations, in some cases involving national security and the safeguarding of human lives.

Among others, on Curaçao Zenitel provided the specialized hospital intercom system for the Taams clinic and on the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba the entire emergency services station and headquarters, including police, ambulance and fire department, depend on Zenitel equipment for its functioning.

In addition, Zenitel also provides businesses with specialized services and equipment for their commercial activities and registration, such as the Bus Matic “smartcard” system which will be implemented shortly by the national bus company of Aruba, Arubus.

Traditionally Zenitel is regarded as a company with large corporate clients, but many products and services are ideal for use by medium and small companies, as well as the individual user, for instance the Locator and intercom systems.

Zenitel is able to continuously go on growing and innovating, based on its excellent reputation with its clients who rely and depend on Zenitel for service. Zenitel employees take the time to assess and work with their customers to determine what the best products and services are for each client. They do not use a standard formula, but base their advice for solutions on each customer’s data and requirements, whether it concerns a company or an individual client.

Customers depend on Zenitel’s support to help their company stay up to date with all trends in communications, in regards to products as well as solutions for their needs. With 80 years of experience, stability, always modernizing and creating new opportunities for their clients with high quality service, Zenitel continues growing, developing and innovating together with their customers.

At the regional meeting, Zenitel CEO Kenneth Dastol commented that Zenitel has continued with their strategy in offering new products and solutions to their markets in 2011 and will continue this trend in 2012. Among the products the CEO mentioned is the Stendtofon intercom system, “Recording and Redundancy Solutions”, as well as new IP stations. Mr. Dastol concluded with the announcement of the “Turbine Stations” that will be launched as Zenitel’s newest product.

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“Innovation in action” Zenitel at the top of the market by

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