Innocent suspects Spelonk-murders get almost $2 million in damages

POSTED: 04/15/14 11:49 PM

KRALENDIJK – The Common Court of Justice awarded two men who spent years in jail for a double murder they did not commit damages totaling almost $2 million. Kabes Melaan spent 8 years in jail, received a bit more than $1.2 million. Nozai Thomas, who spent 6 years behind bars, received close to $680,000. One of the attorneys for the two men, Carry Knoops-Hamburger, released this information late on Sunday evening.

In 2005 two brothers were murdered on Bonaire. The crime became known as the Spelonk-murders. Investigators assumed that the killings were related to drugs criminality. Nozai Thomas was sentenced to 8 years and Kabes Melaan to 24 years. Later doubts arose about the convictions, also at the prosecutor’s office. During a court hearing, the prosecution labeled the convictions as a miscarriage of justice. The attorney-general offered excuses on behalf of the state.

A third man was sentenced to 18 years. He made incriminating statements against Thomas and Melaan, claiming that they helped him lure the two brothers to a remote location and that they shot them to death there. Melaan and Thomas have always maintained their innocence.

Knoops-Hamburger and her husband Geert-Jan investigated the alibis of both men. It turned out that one of them was behind his computer at the time of the murders. The computer was logged on with a password that was only known to the defendant. He confessed during interrogation, but later claimed that he had been under pressure. Later he revoked his confession.

The other defendant was during the murders in Kralendijk, while the murders were committed on the other side of the island. Data from his cell phone confirmed his whereabouts.

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Innocent suspects Spelonk-murders get almost $2 million in damages by

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