Inmates Association calms down revolting prisoners

POSTED: 05/23/12 1:29 PM

St. Maarten – Inmates at the Pointe Blanche prison revolted yesterday morning briefly; the police was called to the scene but did not have to intervene, because members of the Inmates Association managed to restore order.
The revolt began when an inmate, who was not identified, expressed his frustration over the fact that there was no running water. The incident took place around nine o’clock yesterday morning.
The police sent patrols from Philipsburg and Simpson Bay to the prison after receiving reports that the situation had become extremely tense. Prisoners refused to go back to their cells and the guards asked for police assistance to get the situation under control.
The prison had no running water since Monday due to a malfunctioning GEBE-pump that pumps water to the top of the hill in Pointe Blanche.
Police officers dressed in full riot gear in case the situation would further deteriorate. Prison director Rudsel Ricardo spoke with members of the Inmates Association in an attempt to defuse the situation. Shortly afterwards the inmates returned to their cells. In the meantime the water pump was repaired and the prison has water at its disposal again.

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Inmates Association calms down revolting prisoners by

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