Inmate stabbed in prison-fight

POSTED: 11/12/12 1:25 PM

St. Maarten – A fight in the Pointe Blanche prison between at least three inmates left one man with a broken jaw and another with at least two stab wounds.

The fight broke out for unknown reasons between Erno L. jr. and Christopher Carty. Omar J. also got involved in it.

Omar J. is the alleged gang leader of a criminal organization that is responsible for at least four drugs-related murders last year. J. is facing a life sentence; on Thursday, Judge Rick Smid will pronounce verdicts against J. and six others in the Vesuvius-trial, where Erno L. jr. is one of the other defendants. He faces a 10-year prison sentence.

Christopher Carty was sentenced to 6 years on December 9, 2009 for attempted murder on Ramon Ulises. After sentencing, Carty got so angry that he demolished several paintings in the courthouse and he kicked the rear window out of the police van that transported him back to the Pointe Blanche prison. Earlier that year, on March 24, Carty was sentenced to a 3 month conditional sentence and 120 hours of community service for stealing his scooter that had been impounded by the police. “I promise this will never happen again,” he said on the occasion of that verdict to the judge.

It is unclear why the fight broke out or what the relationship is between Carty and the Vesuvius-suspects Omar J. and Erno L. The latter was stabbed during the fight at least two times, while Carty suffered a broken jaw. The adversaries and any witnesses to the fight refused to make statements to the police.


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