Injured woman gets little assistance from police and SZV

POSTED: 06/5/12 11:52 AM

Paramedics prepare to take Mariecame Dominique to the St. Maarten Medical Center shortly after she was hit by a car last Friday. (Julius Goodman photo)

 St. Maarten – Twenty four year old mother of three Mariecame Dominique was struck on Friday by a car near Zout Steeg just after 3:00 pm. After being rushed to the St. Maarten Medical Centre (SMMC) where she received treatment, Dominique now remains at her Cay Bay home with a swollen leg, psychological trauma and with what she calls “no one to defend” her rights. The incident took place at what appears to be a problematic corner in Philipsburg on Cannegieter Street and Zout Steeg. The area has been the site of many vehicular mishaps.

The woman’s paramour David Vital recounted how she visited Philipsburg on Friday to register for her SVB card. When she arrived at the Social Insurance Bank at 3:03 p.m. she was told to return on Monday June, 4 because the organization was closed to the public. Disappointed, Dominique walked from SZV and was just about to cross Zout Steeg when she was hit head on by the oncoming car of A.A of Dominica. Police responded to the scene and because of Dominique’s condition, the ambulance took her to the medical center.
“While I was there, the man tell the police that he look on the right side and not on the left side, so he was wrong when he hit my baby mother. I left the scene in a gypsy because the police told me to go to the hospital with her documents. I don’t know what they discuss after, but today (Monday) I was surprised when I contact the police. I cannot understand how can a car knock she down and now they say she is at fault,” Vital said.
Vital added that he was very disappointed with the service that was meted out to Dominique on arrival at the SMMC.
“She not even spend one hour in the hospital. The just tell us to buy some three dollar tablet and give us no medication. All they were saying is that she should go back to Haiti. We kept telling them that she was born right at the St. Rose Hospital and that she is from here but they say she has no Dutch passport. It is impossible they put she out so fast. Since then she has been crying at home all the time saying she is going to die.”
To further compound his problems, Vital claims that after spending $313.35 for Dominique’s medical expenses, he cannot seem to locate the driver involved in the accident.
“The police just give me his name and number and I keep calling but it is ringing out. I went to SZV this morning with her so that they could see her condition and they say we have to make appointment still and wait for weeks. So until then I will have to be spending money that I do not have while the driver free.”
Vital says that he will continue to appeal to every person in authority to ensure that the driver does not get away with what he calls “reckless driving.”
Eyewitnesses say that because of the positioning of the stop sign on Zoutsteeg, the visibility of drivers is partially obscured as they make their way onto Cannegieter Street.

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Injured woman gets little assistance from police and SZV by

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