Information Session for NGOs on National Development Plan today

POSTED: 03/20/13 11:13 AM

St. Maarten – Today there will be an information session on the National Development Plan for members of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), organized by Sunfed—the umbrella organization for NGOs.

The event will be held at the Belvedere Community Center from 6:45 p.m. till 8:30 p.m.

The information session and workshop will introduce participants to the process for the development of St. Maarten’s National Development Plan (NDP), which is technically a multi-annual policy plan that specifies the long term vision and strategic direction for the sustainable development of St. Maarten.

The National Development Team (NDT) will focus on the project outcomes, structure for implementation, methodology and the first activities will focus on the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat as well as the roles and responsibilities of the steering committee will be discussed.

Through the participation of everyone, including the NGOs, the policy aims to be inclusive. Only with your input can the NDP be reflective of the diverse population that is St. Maarten, the organizers said.

The NGO representatives will be asked to fill in the questionnaire which will provide valuable information concerning the situational analysis of St. Maarten. This analysis will be transformed into a factsheet that will be used as a point of departure for further dialogue on Economics, Social and Human Development, Infrastructure & Environment, and Culture.

Kindly visit the website: Go to Government > Special Campaigns > National Development Plan and complete the survey questions before the meeting, if possible. Upon completion, please send to as soon as possible.

The National Development Team is made up of drs. Andrea Ortega, drs. Joeri Arion, drs. Okama Ekpe Brook, drs. Lucrecia Morales and Mr. Tom Woods, they can be reached by email at

All NGOs are asked to come to the workshop and contribute to the development of St. Maarten through the National Development Plan.


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