Indigo Bay’s principals treat I Can Foundation to Thanksgiving lunch

POSTED: 11/25/11 12:33 PM

GREAT BAY – The principals of Indigo Bay treated 24 children and the staff of the I Can Foundation to Thanksgiving Day lunch on Thursday. The idea came from the employees on the project after the project manager Marc van de Bilt asked them for ideas on how the day should be celebrated.

“We were excited to have the children for lunch because the organization has never been invited to the project. I’m happy they could have come on short notice and I’ve invited them to come and visit more often,” van de Bilt said.

Director of the I Can Foundation Cassandra Gibbs was the one to accept the last minute invitation to lunch. She originally thought they’d be having lunch at someone’s home but her and the children were surprised to have lunch at the “beautiful, beautiful place” at which Indigo Bay is being developed.

“The children were very excited when they started to descend the hill. I would not have wanted to be in no other place. The experience is nice and the kids especially loved being surrounded with all the nature,” Gibbs said.

She’s also requested van de Bilt see how Indigo Bay could become more involved with the foundation as a means to give back to the community. This came after she accepted an invitation to return in a week to see the completed beach.


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