Indian Merchants Association renews call for cameras in Philipsburg

POSTED: 01/26/12 12:13 PM
The Caribbean Gems jewelry store was burglarized on Monday.

St. Maarten – Monday’s burglary of Caribbean Gems jewelry store has renewed calls by the Indian Merchants Association (Ima) to install a security surveillance system in Philipsburg and for all citizens to become involved in the fight against crime. Ima Vice President Peter Mirpuri said that his association is deeply troubled by the incident. “Crime is something of concern to all of us but what seems to be more of a concern is this manner in which this robbery took place, it appears very professional,” Mirpuri said yesterday.
Mirpuri said that though he did not visit the crime scene personally members of the association met with the owners of the raided jewelry establishment on Monday and came to a consensus that they would push harder for the installation of security cameras. “Crime is an issue that the Ima has at heart and we will have to bring this camera system up again with the various authorities. The French side has already put a lot of emphasis on it. We look forward to the same on the Dutch side too, we know the Chamber is working on it.”
Over $200,000 worth in losses is what owner Manu Budhrani estimated following the robbery at his store. The culprits gained entry to his building through a narrow alley way at the back and as suspected, patiently chiseled through the concrete wall forming a square crevice of no more than four feet on each side.
Police spokesperson Inspector Ricardo Henson could not give an indication of how the investigation was proceeding yesterday, stating that he was yet to receive information from the Detective Department concerning the incident.
Just last week Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto expressed optimism that the camera system would be installed in Philipsburg soon. The public and private sectors have been collaborating for the realization of the Philipsburg camera project since it was first suggested in 2004.

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Indian Merchants Association renews call for cameras in Philipsburg by

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  1. Indian Merchants Camera says:

    Indian Merchants renewed calls for camera, well, well.
    The group whom invest the least in this island always consumed with self, careless about others, corrupts everthing and want safety after living so selfishly now want Camera in Philipsburg to protect their monies or goods. Well well, the first camera must be made available in districts, such as St. Peters, Middle region, Cape bay, Cole bay, DQ, etc and not Bel- Air, Point Blanche, Pelican, Maho, GUANA BAY, Oyster pond etc.