“Incompatible with international commitments”: Committee blasts Bosman-law

POSTED: 02/5/14 11:52 AM

St. Maarten / THE HAGUE – The proposal by VVD-parliamentarian André Bosman to set conditions to the establishment of Dutch citizens from St. Maarten, Aruba, and Curacao in the Netherlands is incompatible with  international commitments because it makes a direct distinction based on origin between Dutch citizens. The Volkskrant reports this based on a report by the Meijers-committee that consists of experts in the field of international immigration legislation.

D66 MP Gerard Schouw finds it “painful and improper to make a distinction between people within our own Kingdom.”

“The Meijers-committee is aware that a relatively small part of the Antillean Dutch citizens in the Netherlands is causing problems and is encountering difficulties with the process of integration in the Dutch society,” the committee writes in its report.

“The law does not contribute actively to a solution for the problems that have been identified and it even threatens to become the cause of new problems with the integration of Dutch citizens from immigrant groups. Furthermore the (Bosman) law violates international commitments based on five treaties and two European guidelines.”

The governing accord states that the Netherlands wants to review Antillean Dutch citizens on criminal record and income. Bosman’s initiative draft law elaborates on this point. According to the Volkskrant, it is questionable whether the senate will approve the law.

The committee’s opinion has enthralled D66-MP Gerard Schouw. “I count on coalition partner PvdA and hope that they will quickly voice their opposition to this proposal.”

André Bosman intends to stick to his guns. “The Netherlands has been battling problems with underprivileged Antilleans for years. Data show that this group is over-represented in the statistics of social security and crime. School dropout is also much higher than average. With this law, the VVD aims to take away the incentive to come to the Netherlands. It also forces the islands to invest in the development of their people.”

Bosman rejects the criticism from the Meijers-committee. “My initiative-law is a result of a treaty we have signed with the other countries in the Kingdom. These countries already set conditions to the establishment of European Dutch citizens on their islands. This is about equal treatment and not at all about making a distinction between Dutch citizens. This is about executing a Kingdom law.”

Roelof van Laar, an MP for the PvdA kept his gunpowder dry yesterday. “The PvdA is looking critically at the Bosman-law. We do not want to run ahead of the handling of this law that will take place next week.”

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