In the Kitchen with St. Maarten Women

POSTED: 06/6/11 1:00 PM

Lions fundraiser

GREAT BAY – The St. Maarten Lions Club is raising funds for its community project through the sales of In the Kitchen with St. Maarten Women, a recipe book that will take users to the heart of local cuisine.
The 128-page book, with a cover showing Ruby Bute’s painting The Dame of Local Cooking, contains no less than 175 recipes, divided over thirteen categories – from breads and desserts to chicken and duck, from fish, meat and pork, to side dishes, vegetables, salads and beverages.
Ten years ago the lions published their first book of recipes, entitled, In the Kitchen with the Senior Citizens. The demand for that book was high, Lion Wally Havertong writes in the book’s preface. That first edition required a reprint, because the book proved popular with locals and tourists alike.
This time around, the Lions printed 3,000 copies of which roughly 1,000 have already been sold. At a modest price of $15 buyers get access to a wealth of original local recipes, while supporting community projects at the same time.
The cover shows The Dame of Local Cooking, the late Ms. Laurel, better known under her name Lala, and her assistants. They are cooking on rocks and they are immortalized in this painting by Ruby Bute.
The Lions are selling the book on Saturdays at local supermarkets, but it is also available in local book stores.
The book’s layout was done by Zetsia Shigemoto, and Lion Davey Woods edited the text.

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