IMG takes over Usona-tasks

POSTED: 09/20/13 11:33 AM

St. Maarten – The International Management Group will become responsible for executing projects from the European Development fund in the Caribbean. The European Commission decided to terminate the cooperation with the Foundation Development Netherlands Antilles (Sona) and its executive branch Usona because of a pending fraud-investigation. Sona will take legal action against the European Commission because its board has never been heard or informed about complaints.

“The European Commission has reported in writing to the Netherlands that it will not continue the cooperation with Sona and Usona,” Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk wrote in a letter to the Second Chamber. “This is about the execution of projects in St. Maarten, Curacao, Bonaire, Saba and Station from the tenth European Development fund. The European Commission reported in its letter of January 7 about an investigation by the European anti-fraud bureau (Olaf). Up to now that investigation has not been shared with the Sona-board, the commission or my ministry.”

The European Commission nevertheless asked the Netherlands to find an alternative for Sona and Usona,. The Ministry of Home Affairs AND Kingdom Relations therefore contacted IMG, an organization that is prepared and qualified to execute European projects. The organization was originally established in 1994 for technical and infrastructural projects in Bosnia, but it is now involved in projects in dozens of countries.

Minister Plasterk wrote to the parliament that the European Commission in the process of making agreements with IMG.

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