Imbali dances on despite robbery

POSTED: 08/11/11 11:55 AM

St. Maarten – The Imbali Center for Creative Movement was still able to host its dance work shop with Malathi Iyengar, despite the robbery at the John Larmonie Center at the weekend. Work has also already begun on a fundraiser that will generate cash to buy the dance and music equipment that was stolen.
Some 25 students from the Center participated in the course that will run for four days while Iyengar is here on holiday. Course participants will learn the traditions of Bharatanatyam from Iyengar, who accepted to do the course on request of Aparna Samaga. Samaga was the one to introduce the traditions of classical Indian dance to St. Maarten four years ago.
“The workshop is able to function due to the generous contributions of friends and students of Imbali who have raided their own music supply closet by bringing bits and pieces together of their own music components like a CD player, amplifiers and speakers to create a functioning sound system so the dance can continue. Much thanks goes out to Maribel Postiena and Damien Cornelius who have managed to borrow some additional sound equipment from professional musician Morgan John Jule so Imbali can continue to dance,” the center’s founder Clara Reyes wrote in a statement.

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