“Iconic” employee retires after 40 years at Winair

POSTED: 12/28/11 12:21 PM

“I will now take the bed I had at Winair…”

St. Maarten – Gertrude Souchette-Maccow got an emotional send off from her colleagues at Windward Islands International Airways (Winair) on Tuesday. Souchette-Maccow has been at the airline for 40 years and several said she is one of its icons. She was also saluted for working in every department and flying to other destinations to assist her colleagues and the company.
“My family at home had always referred to Winair as my home where I had my bed and most of those who worked with me are aware what we went through where we slept many nights on the bench and in some case had to work 24 hours,” Souchette-Maccow said as she spoke of the “fun days in Winair.”
“I encourage all my former colleagues to follow in my footsteps. I am also glad to retire with all my motors working and I will now take the bed I had at Winair back to my home,” the retiring employee added.

Winair’s Chief Executive Officer Micheal Cleaver, Chairman of the Supervisory Board George Greaux Jr. and Chief Operations Officer Edwin Hodge – the former managing director – Edwin Hodge are some of the people who presented Souchette-Maccow with tokens of appreciation for her years of service, her dedication to the airline and her excellent service.

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“Iconic” employee retires after 40 years at Winair by

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  1. Gareth says:

    My mother is an icon to me, as much it should reflect around the blessing to have her around me and see a bit of what i livin, evryday at home seriously it’s to be known that winair had a existence in the house as she make up to make me learn to keep a room clean and the house clean, my mother and my father practically learned me evrything i know today and i keep as good lessons even tho lesson’s at school was not the best overlook by her she was there for me ! Winair was always a conversation in the house and i thank winair for what they did in those years with her and cant and never will stop assuring myself to regards pulled by her to canstantly thank of yourself of a service you are contracted to offer by a company, because to me she always showed it’s execptionnal to offer the best quality and determination, responsability, and dedication to a company she shoned me to be a model inside a group of individual workers and offer the best because it’s a life experience and i thank her very much for that, i thank winair, i thank the dayli herald, i thank the today newspaper for writing this story about my mother. thanksfull to be a sint-maartiner, thankfull to have my mother as one of my icon.
    ps/ my letter would be very long so i am ending it like this ; a small poem
    To where you belong it’s not like a fruit in a tree you can not touch but surely the fence you could jump and get to the tree
    but to me it’s like a pot with water boiling just can’t play with the fire
    every woman is a wonder but to our hearts carribean woman are special
    Do every man really seek because love is not really blind
    Everyday can you watch a child like it is watching a chain of butterfly’s or a chain’s of clouds
    Bless your father and mother everyday even in your past they are the goodwill in your future!!

    gareth souchette

    • Jacqueline Maccow says:

      I’M very proud of My sister for the amount of Years she has contribute to the Airline doing what she enjoy .Unfortunately
      Companies does not appreciate good workers!!!!!

      it’s nice when a child recognize a parent worth and praise them for it, one think i hope my nephew will follow and his Mother foot Step !!!!!

      God Bless and protect you both .

      Love Auntie Jackie