“I am no longer an amateur” Yoly Hawley wins IFBB pro card in the Bahamas

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Yoly Hawley winsYoly Hawley smiles when she is on stage in the Bahamas with her winners trophies. Photo contributed

St. Maarten – The 43rd annual Central American & Caribbean Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships which was held in the Bahamas over the weekend is an event that Yoly Hawley will never forget, it’s the event where she won her professional card after emerging as the undisputed winner in the bikini fitness competition.

This new development came one year after Hawley, a teacher at the St. Dominic Primary School made her debut at the national championships which she won. In her first CACBFC, which was hosted by the French side and held at Maho, she placed first in her category, but failed to get the nod of approval in the final showdown for the pro card.

Hawley, who was part of the St. Maarten delegation to the Bahamas was the first to arrive at the Princess Juliana International Airport at 2 p.m. yesterday accompanied by her mother and father Tony Hawley. As she entered the arrival hall, Nzinga Lake, with flag in hands was there to greet her with a long warm embrace.

With that ever pleasant smile on her face, the first few words that came from her mouth were, “I did it, I did it.” Taking a tighter grip of the two trophies in her hands, Hawley looked back briefly in retrospect at what she had accomplished.

“It was very intense, it was not an easy walk, I mean it was super tight and supper close because they all brought their A game to the competition,” she stated. According to Hawley, there were five classes, she was placed in the D class and each of those classes had between 10 and 12 girls.

“I did not feel intimidated, we all took the liberty to give each other props but I remained confident, but what I think gave me the edge was my stage presence. My physique was incredible and it showed. That bikini class consisted of the entire package, not just a beach body, but the smile, the eye contact, a suit to match my complexion, the attitude on stage, I knew that I deserved to win,” she added.

Hawley, who has to resume her normal day to day routine as a teacher starting today simply said ‘wow’ when asked what is her next move? “That is going to be a big step for me, but definitely I will have to start competing in the USA, now that I am an IFBB Bikini pro. I am no longer an amateur, I am St. Maarten’s first IFBB Pro. That is a huge improvement after one year.” Hawley attributes her victory to her coach Antonio Gosilio from Incredible Nutrition & Incredible Fitness & More.

“My daughter was fantastic, I am very happy, her father is happy because she represented St. Maarten well,” said her mother Ramona De La Cruz. “Well I nearly had a heart attack because after her first win, I was jumping and after her last win, I was on the floor because of the excitement,” said her father Antonio Hawley.

Hawley, who is very supportive of his daughter’s sporting career choice, said that he had it on his mind that she was going to win. “I am so happy, I don’t have words to describe how I am feeling now, he added.



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