Hostage taken and nearly 20 shots fired in daring daylight armed robbery

POSTED: 10/23/14 7:32 PM

MARIGOT—A gun fight between Gendarme and suspects in a daring daylight armed robbery with over 17 bullets fired and a brief hostage situation during the commission and attempted escape of  this heist, resulted in the streets of Marigot resembling something out of an action movie scene.

According to reports reaching this newspaper, four “white” men dressed in business attire walked into Gold Finger jewelry store on Rue de la Republic in Marigot and proceeded to rob the store at gunpoint, with a getaway driver waiting outside ready for a clean escape. However, the Gendarme were alerted of the crime in progress before the robbers were out the door. This resulted in a man who is believed to be the manager of the store being briefly held hostage, as according to an eye witness report, the gun men shot their way out the door to the waiting Gendarme who had disabled their getaway car, arrested their driver and cordoned off the area.

Undaunted by this, the robbers quickly improvised their escape plans and attempted their getaway on foot with their loot after releasing their hostage. No slouches at getting their men, the Gendarme gave chase and managed to apprehend the first two suspects, but not before the robbers started throwing away their bounty and weapons, in what can only be described as a desperate attempt to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

The third suspect was not easily deterred and he managed to elude captivity on foot by running up the Fort Hill and as at press time the Gendarme had not apprehended him though not for lack of trying. The Gendarme launched a manhunt that saw the escape route of the robber and the surrounding areas being combed for hours but their search did not come to fruition. The French authorities are now conducting an investigation into the broad day light robbery and questioning the suspects that are in their custody. Miraculously, despite the large number of bullets fired on both sides, there have been no reports of injury.

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Hostage taken and nearly 20 shots fired in daring daylight armed robbery by

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