Hospital gets new incubator from Rotarians

POSTED: 08/18/11 3:14 PM

St. Maarten – The Rotary Club of St. Maarten donated a travelling incubator to the St. Maarten Medical Center on Wednesday. The club’s president Rebecca Low has called the donation a labor of love that was purchased from the $47, 000 the club had raised in the 2010-2011 club year. The fundraising and acquisition was led by the club’s Immediate Past President Kishore Idnani after consultation with the hospital.
The last travelling incubator the hospital acquired was donated by the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) in 1997 and delivered in 1998. That incubator is ending the end of its life cycle and there is an increasing risk that it will fail.
“We needed to get up-to-date equipment but unfortunately those pieces of equipment are very expensive. The hospital has been very instrumental as to where we would have received the funds from and we were fortunate to get the Rotary interested in it. The relationship between the Rotary and the hospital and particularly the Pediatric Ward has been excellent and they were able to get the funds and purchase the right equipment,” the St. Maarten Medical Center’s resident pediatrician Dr. Pieter Offringa said.
“This equipment will be used almost immediately since it is designed for our needs because we do not always have proper air ambulances. We can place this in any aircraft since there is a tray under the incubator that stores extra oxygen bottles so that they are able to travel longer without the aircraft having its own oxygen supply,” Offringa added.
Staffers at the medical center will get “a type of symposium” from a technician familiar with incubator in “a couple of weeks.”
District Governor Dr. Guy Theodore, who is presently visiting the island, called the donation a good sign and commended the Rotarians on their achievements as they attempt to meet the international theme of “Reach within to embrace humanity”.

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