Hodge: Little perspective for Curacao’s future

POSTED: 06/4/13 12:11 PM

Daniel Hodge

Outgoing Prime Minister Daniel Hodge. Photo Caribisch Netwerk

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – Outgoing Prime Minister Daniel Hodge says that the political situation in Curacao offers little hope for the future. That is mainly due to the politicians whom he criticizes in an interview with the Dutch daily Trouw.

“A politician has only one task: do what is necessary for the general interest. But unfortunately, that is not the way most politicians think in Curacao,” banker Hodge says in the interview. He will shortly leave office as Prime Minister according to plan, together with his cabinet that consists of non-politicians only.
Hodge: “The image that many people here have of politicians is that they especially take care very well of themselves. And I fear that that image is correct on a regular basis.”

Hodge does not perceive a change for the better. “We are stagnating.”
Hodge does acknowledge that Curacao has the big advantage of being a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. That means something. The Netherlands just cannot let things deteriorate any further here. If things go wrong in the administration – if the new government for instance, let me say, will get South-American tendencies – then the Netherlands can and must intervene.”

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