Historic night at Miss Mature Pageant

POSTED: 04/24/13 10:21 AM

St. Maarten – It was an historic night for the Miss Mature 2013 pageant as this year’s first prize was a brand new Hyundai I 20 Motor car. The car was sponsored by Motorworld and the keys were presented by Representative Ron Elferink, as they join forces with TelEm to make the show one of the biggest ever. While last year’s event only attracted eight contestants and a mere $2,500 first prize, this year 11 girls came vying for the crown.

As if this prize peaked the interest of the entire country, thousands piled into the festival village to see this fete come into reality. Even though there were not chairs, the well-dressed standing audience waited till 3am on Tuesday morning to witness the handing over of the keys to the winner.

What a proud moment it was as Miss Paula Gordon took center stage and was crowned by outgoing queen Sharon Layne as Miss Mature 2013. With wide eyes and loud screams she saluted to her fans that supported her from the start to finish as she gave a strong showing of herself throughout the entire show. So caught up in the moment it appeared to be a surreal one as she trembled while being escorted to the spanking new vehicle.

As she approached her vehicle, with her chorus line still chanting when I say Paula you say Gordon, Paula – Gordon, she screamed as she was handed the keys to her car. “This is an unbelievable moment,” she shared. “I almost can’t believe that I won, I feel great,” she shouted. She gave praises and thanks to everyone who had made this night possible inclusive of her family and friends who supported from the moment she entered the competition. Fans shared she deserved it not only for the contribution on the night but for the strong role she plays in the community, her alethic prowess, an exemplar as a mother and friend to many.

As sentiments poured that the night was a tremendous one, it’s left to be seen how involved corporate St. Martin will become as she vows to do all she can as Miss Mature 2013 to make her island a better one. Many also believe if more sponsorship becomes involved in the show, the standard and contestant participation will continue to improve.

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