Historic covenant signed at courthouse

POSTED: 03/31/14 11:41 PM

St. Maarten – For the first time in history, the Common Court of Justice and the Public Prosecutor’s Office signed a covenant that regulates in great detail the way criminal cases will be handled in first instance. Chief Prosecutor Rick Noordhoek and the President of the Common Court of Justice, Erik van der Poel signed the covenant yesterday afternoon in the upstairs courtroom in the courthouse in Philipsburg.

The covenant regulates the timely provision of the court schedule to the prosecutor’s office, the distribution of criminal cases, the timely provision of criminal dossiers by the prosecutor’s office to the court and the timely provision of other relevant documents by the court to the prosecutor’s office.

The covenant furthermore regulates so-called theme-court hearings, like the Carnival hearing, the fiscal hearing and the high season hearing.

Prosecutor Tineke Kamps prepared the covenant during the past couple of months together with Koen Luijks, judge in the Court in First Instance in St. Maarten and Vice President of the Common Court of Justice.

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