Hillside uses pea soup to reinforce social studies and language

POSTED: 11/27/11 10:41 AM

St. Maarten – Students in group A of the Early Stimulation program at Hillside Christian School learned how to make peas soup on a coal pot Friday. The activity was part of their Social Studies lessons. This theme in that subject area this month is “Country St. Maarten.”

The lesson included a trip to the school garden to pick pigeon peas for the soup. There was also an emphasis on healthy eating, exercising muscles through moving and growing food instead of purchasing it from the supermarket. Class Teacher Florence Blaize said the entire project fascinated the students, but they were particularly excited about cooking the soup on a coal pot.

The trek to the garden was also a source of excitement because the students had the chance to eat sugar cane and learn about banana trees.

“We wanted our children to be aware of their culture in terms of the food such as the vegetables that are grown in St. Maarten. We have planned the activity so that the children can be aware of what is grown in St. Maarten and how they can enjoy the local food,” Blaize said.

The entire exercise was also used to reinforce language skills. The students had to learn to spell peas, used the shells of the peas to make the letter e and learn the poem “Peas porridge hot, peas’ porridge cold.”

There was also singing during the exercise and a bowl of soup for each child at the end of the lesson.


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Hillside uses pea soup to reinforce social studies and language by

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