Hillside expansion to be completed in May

POSTED: 08/16/11 12:37 PM

St. Maarten – The expansion project for the Hillside Christian schools should be completed by May next year. The new school will have 16 new classrooms, a gym and place for early childhood education.
School Director Asha Stevens says the expansion of the school, which is being built in Cay Hill, was first earmarked for the campus in the St. Peters district because the school board – the Foundation for Protestant Education – had no possibilities of going anywhere else and their need for the new school was becoming more imminent because of the overcrowding at the present location.
Stevens has hinted that the school may get a Christmas gift as the contractor has signaled the school may be ready in December. This is contingent on the weather and if the island is struck by a storm.
“Maybe we will get a Christmas if it is God’s will. The weather is not in our hands and that is why he is working now as the weather is good,” Stevens said at an early morning assembly.
Stevens also announced that Astor Allen has been contracted to be Assistant General Director. Allen will be Stevens’ right hand and “represent the board at the school level. Allen, who previously served as student care coordinator, wants to help build a school that allows each student to reach their fullest potential and where the principals reach their goals.
“The principals will need some support in maintaining the vision of the school and they will need some support and coaching. That will be my role. There will also be the need to look at the data we have on the students and identify their strengths and weaknesses and see what together we can do as a team to turn around the weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths,” Allen said.
As a first step in the support process teachers attended a workshop led by Dr. Linda Patterson on how to deal with their daily struggles. She also helped them to work out a school plan for the coming year.
“This new plan will allow us to know when and how we are making our expected progress and what changes we may need to ensure that the plan is most effective,” Dr. Patterson said.

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