Hillside Adventures hike attracts 75 nature lovers

POSTED: 11/5/12 1:00 PM

GREAT BAY – Hillside Adventures, the eco-project under development by Joslyn Richardson and Russ Battiato, got a boost on Saturday when Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams You 2 Can Move initiative came to town. At 6 p.m. an impressive group of 75 hikers, including the prime minister and her security detail, gathered at the foot of the hill in Reward for a climb to the top of the hill in Reward.
Shortly before the scheduled start the district was hit by heavy rainfall, but when the skies cleared everybody was ready to go. According to Battiato, 10 hikers had been unable to find the starting point – underlining the need for signposts – and that another 25 that had signed up for the hike had stayed at home because of the rain.
The hike took participants past the ecological produce gardens Joslyn Richardson is developing towards a halfway point where Hillside Adventures had established a small campsite. The trek up the hill is not exactly a walk in the park – nor is it meant to be – but it is doable. Most participants were impressed by the efforts made by several elderly hikers, but they were completely baffled by the performance of a volunteer who carried supplies up to the campsite at a murderous pace. The young man said that he is training to become a firefighter.
At the top of the hill, hikers were rewarded with an astonishing view of Colombier on the French side. It is possible to continue from the top towards Colombier, but on Saturday the top of the hill – at an approximate elevation of 330 meters – was not just a resting point, but also the turning point.
Shortly after eight o’clock all hikers were downhill again, where they enjoyed a light breakfast of bush tea, Johnny cakes and salt fish.
Among the participants were volunteers of the St. Maarten Pride Foundation accompanied by President Jadira Veen, who said that Pride endorses the venture of Joslyn Richardson and Russ Battiato. “This is an excellent example of an eco-friendly tourist attraction with a small foot print,” Veen said.

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