Heyliger describes situation at GEBE as “terrible”

POSTED: 09/1/11 2:19 PM

St. Maarten – While the company’s managing director ir. William Brooks is on an extended vacation and he is nearing the end of his five year contract, Vromi-Minister Theo Heyliger described the situation at the company as “terrible” in yesterday’s press briefing. “We are not getting any information from GEBE. This company is giving us sleepless nights,” Heyliger said.
The Minister sent several letters to the utilities company with requests for information. “But they still have to be answered,” Heyliger said. “I am left in the dark.”
The Minister noted that when he entered politics in the nineties, GEBE was already talking about problems seaweed caused to its generators. “We are sixteen years later and we are still talking about the same problem. That is terrible. It is irresponsible to tell the community that we are lucky that there is no seaweed-problem. Do something about it,” Heyliger said.
The Minister noted that the government has a concern about GEBE, but that a drastic measure like for instance canceling the concession is not a realistic option. “What should we do? Go to war with the company? I have given some friendly advice to GEBE, and asked them to supply information. When the government is going to act, it will be like a freight train that will be very difficult to stop. With GEBE, sometimes you feel like a toothless tiger that is gnawing at its leg.”

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