Heyliger continues pencil case drive

POSTED: 11/14/12 12:25 PM

GREAT BAY-Hundreds of students from the St. Dominic School and the Hillside Christian School received pencils cases from the former deputy prime minister and leader of the United People’s Party Theodore Heyliger yesterday. The purple pencil cases inscribed with the words “Never give up” were first handed over to some 246 students from grades 1-6 at the St. Dominic School.

The program which started about seven years ago was initiated after Heyliger said he was confronted with students and parents seeking his assistance to purchase pencils, pens, school uniforms and other material to secure a quality education for their child.  It was then that Heyliger decided to come up with a program that would help all students.

“The idea was born when some of the teachers suggested that it would be a good idea to purchase proper pencil cases with pencils pens and erasers which would help them. I saw this as a good idea and we thought of placing a different slogan on the cases each year,” he said briefly before distributing the items to eager students.

The deputy school manager of the school said that the children are always excited whenever Heyliger comes to the school and more so when he gives out pencil cases. Although quite satisfied with the gesture from Heyliger she said that they would like to see more participation by businesses for the exterior of the school to receive a facelift.

The distribution program guarantees 6,000 students annually, fully stocked pencil cases.  If tallied correctly this adds up to some 42,000 cases since the program started.  This program costs some US$15, 000 annually which is done through sponsorship and “puts smiles on the kids’ faces,” Heyliger said.

At the Hillside Christian School, St. Peters campus, some 220 students of group 1-8 received pencil cases from the UP leader. The students at the school were seated in a “very orderly fashion” and lined up to receive their cases.

Heyliger is expected to continue the exercise at a number of other schools on the island today.


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