Henry Job wins Hyundai I-30 vehicle from Fantasy Sxm

POSTED: 05/7/15 1:15 PM


St. Maarten —New kids on the block Fantasy lottery St Maarten sank their teeth into the market this carnival season with a great promotion campaign. A lucky winner could pay US$ 10 for their many services and could walk away with a brand new I-30 Hyundai vehicle. This happened on Tuesday at the Festival Village when lucky winner Henry Job’s name was called out of the hundreds of raffle tickets on the stage of the Festival village. After calling his name several times, friends called him as he was close to the village.

Marketing Manager of Fantasy SXM Toyna Williams spoke to Today yesterday and explained that the campaign was called “I love Fantasy Promotions”. The reason for the campaign was to introduce the island to the new and spontaneous gaming experience, this is one of the reasons carnival was picked by the company. For five weeks persons could have filled in the raffle ticket after spending their ten bucks or more at several locations were the offices are located.  Motor world partnered with the new company, giving its clients the opportunity to win the vehicle.

The Marketing Manager of Fantasy Lotto and games says “more promotions are expected in the near future as they noticed that the market they focus on are towards the younger adult ages”. The main office is located at Le Grand Marche on the Bushroad however most of the playing happens online. Social media and via its website can be used to play several games the company offers, some include slot machines, lotto draws, table games and much more. Accounts can be set up at several locations advertised in their promotions. Williams thanked motor world, Manisha Amjad, Lorenzo Gomez and the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation.

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Henry Job wins Hyundai I-30 vehicle from Fantasy Sxm by

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