Helicopter service officially launched at Grand Case

POSTED: 10/28/14 9:18 PM

Grand Case / St. Martin – Tourists to the island will be able to better enjoy visiting the different sites by using the helicopter service that was officially launched at the Grand Case Airport on Friday evening. According to the Chairman of Corail Helicopters Alfred Chane Pane, he was invited to the island by friends who encouraged him to start a similar business that he has on Reunion Island since they found that there was a niche market for this type of service.

“Since there is no helicopter service on the island, unless it comes from Martinique or Guadeloupe, and because there are high end clientele that visit the island, there is definitely the need for such service,” Pane said on Friday night.  He pointed out that some of the VIP’s who visited the island have indicated the need for twin engines helicopters to travel between the islands because of the safety aspects for fixed winged aircraft.

“Tourists that visit the island are aware of the difficulties for fixed winged aircraft on St. Barths and Saba which is the reason that they have decided to start the service with a twin engine helicopter here,” he said. He noted that with the helicopter service “we don’t need an airport to land” adding that while “fixed wing aircrafts experience difficulties to land at airports it is nothing for a helicopter.”

According to Pane, the service began since the end of last year with a smaller helicopter but a decision was taken to begin this “tourism season” with a brand new twin engine helicopter. The company began business ten years ago on Reunion Island (which is a French Island in the Indian Ocean) with one pilot, one mechanic and one helicopter. Today the company can boast of seven helicopters and transport about 35,000 tourists around the island of Reunion and is currently building two more helicopters in France and plans to bring another twin engine to St. Martin.

Deputy Senator Daniel Gibs sees this initiative as “a step in the right direction” for the tourism industry of the island. He noted that this will certainly enhance the visit by tourist to the neighboring island, Saba, St. Barths and Anguilla and will also have some impact on their economies. He expressed his gratitude to the Chairman Alfred Chane Pane and General Manager Fabrice Lourme for bringing these helicopters to the island and “giving us the chance to upgrade the tourism product.”

“The helicopter could only enhance our tourism product,” said Vice President responsible for Economic Development Wendell Cox, “since it is a company that will provide a wide range of different services to the community and the guests to the island. He mentioned that this service already exists in many of the French Overseas territories and gives a “different touch” to the tourists that visit the island.

Meanwhile, following the presentation, the guests were given an opportunity to first class performance by acrobats who did various acts which were much appreciated by the guest that attended the cocktail reception held at the helicopter hanger at the Grand Case Airport. There was also a drawing of business cards that were placed in a raffle. Dr. Felix Holiday was one of the winners and as his prize he will receive a free flight in the helicopter at a date to be announced later.

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