Heavy police presence for Ring Road area

POSTED: 12/22/14 12:16 AM

St. Maarten —In an effort to alleviate the seasonal traffic congestion the police force and the ministry Vromi took a joint decision to temporarily open the Ring Road to traffic leaving the Philipsburg area, and have cautioned that there will be heavy police presence in these areas and that motorists attempting to use this road to enter Philipsburg stand the risk of being fined.

The parking arrangements that previously existed in that area have also been changed and motorists parking in the areas not designated for such will also be fined. The stated offences carry a Naf 200 penalty. Police and Vromi officials also announced during a joint press conference yesterday that Back Street will be closed on Christmas Eve-December 24th and on December 30th and 31st. A lot of effort has gone into getting the Ring Road motor able for the season including making a sandbank in the middle which means that there is less space for parking in the direct vicinity. However efforts have been made to tackle this parking problem by having a make shift car park introduced in the Blue Point area.

Motorists are advised to pay attention to the changes and to note that they are unauthorized to attempt getting back onto the Walter Nisbeth Road via the Ring Road. Plans were also announced to have street lights installed in the area within the week to allow for better convenience and safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Motorists are further cautioned that by not sticking to the rules that have been put in place they run the risk of endangering other drivers. The police appeal to motorists who will utilize the already limited parking spaces to park ‘fish bone”-horizontally- to allow enough space for other drivers wishing to find parking.

With regards to the closure of Back Street on the aforementioned days and the impact it will have on buses, the officials explained that efforts will be made to tackle these issue but added that it was easier to do so in previous years when the bus drivers were part of the association. The police officials and the Vromi representatives cautioned all motorists and pedestrian to exercise caution on the roads especially during the congested Christmas season.

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