Health minister demands better service at SMMC

POSTED: 02/16/12 1:14 PM

St. Maarten – A less than satisfactory personal experience at the St. Maarten Medical Centre (SMMC) has resulted in Minister of Health, Social Development and Labour Cornelius DeWeever summoning a meeting with SMMC’s General Director, Dr. George Scot. The meeting is expected to take place on Friday with focus being placed on the facility’s emergency room and extension of pharmacy hours. The minister explained that a few weeks ago he visited the emergency room but could not be treated efficiently because several persons had been waiting there for close to five hours.
“I think this needs to be addressed. We need to be able to separate emergency care from urgent care. Those who are paid to provide that service need to do so,” the minister urged.
Minister DeWeever will also be pushing for an extension of pharmacy hours. The minister believes 20 hours on weekends is the direction the medical where to buy valium philippines centre should go in.
“If you don’t have a card and you can’t figure out the schedules you will be lost; I was lost. What about those who don’t have a card. You have tourists that are looking for pharmacies and can’t find them. They should be providing 24 hours service.”
There has been heavy criticism of the free market health care system that operates in St.Maarten especially since no mention was ever made of the establishment of a public hospital in the administration’s governing program.
During the Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Conference last month, Dr. Scot identified the many challenges his foundation faces in providing optimal care to the population with limited funds.
Minister DeWeever also met with the Mental Health Foundation last night to discuss that foundation’s governing structure, personnel, confidentiality and safety and legal compliance.

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