Head turning performances as Imbali partners with French artist association

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St. Maarten – Imbali Centre for Creative Movement and HeadMade Factory inked a collaboration agreement on Saturday night to continue to work towards the promotion of cultural and contemporary artistic expressions in St. Maarten/St. Martin. To celebrate the unique partnership between the two organizations, Head Made Factory held an exhibition at the John Larmonie Centre that ushered in the signing ceremony. Eight artists presented their creations in videography, action painting, food art, sculptures, contemporary clowning, painting and choreography.
Visitors to the event were taken on a sensory journey with sights, sounds, smells and even tastes of contemporary art. Once they entered the John Larmonie Centre each attendee was asked to complete a survey questionnaire, assessing the role of art in everyday life on both sides of the island. The statistical data gathered from this study will be published soon as both Imbali and HeadMade Factory plan to promote their collective goals and future plans for contemporary art on the island.
Albina Matuzko who remained in character as a clown throughout the event said that art is one of the key ways of seeing ourselves and relations with the world.
“I found my own way to do it, through the art of Noveau clown. Growing up in a Soviet Ukraine, strong with its traditional classical art, I found my art freedom in Western Europe. Continuing my journey, I discovered the roots of the clown’s art going back to North American native clowns approach; clown through mask.”
Matuzko explained that if you face all six directions of yourself at the same time, you would laugh at the beauty of your own ridiculousness.
“What is interesting about us, what is beautiful about us, what is ridiculous about us; our vanity, our pomposity, our stupidity. It’s the flaws that make us interested, not our perfections.”
With an improvised piece entitled No Expectations, Matuzko demonstrated how clown’s walk around as an emotional link between artists and the audience. Matuzko has been living in St. Maarten since July 2011.
Painter Franck Fournes displayed his creative works in the Office of Curiosities. Paintings from 2011 and 2012 were hung in a space full of smoldering lighting. Fournes said that his pieces were “an exploration of the very act of painting, assessing what distinguishes the ordinary act of painting from the creation of a work of art.” Fournes lives in Oyster Pond and has also been known to create mesmerizing murals on buildings.
Video Artist Lannig chose to highlight the role bees play in the society and widespread kills of the insects. With a play on the word beehive, Lannig invited children in particular to witness his skills with a video presentation called Beehave! Lannig utilized a huge balloon as a projector and used a variety color coded pixels to form images of bees in a beehive. Viewers comfortably sat on futons and watched the video in amazement in a dark room to the sound of hip hop music in the background.
Visual artist Florence-Poirier Nkpa said that her works are visually autonomous.
“They do not intend to answer a visual identity or an artistic behavior in which my name may be associated. My work is a study with a set of researches that show my vision of reality. I use different techniques: photography, installation, collage, painting and drawing. They are all part of the process based on the expressive potential of size, color or even material.”
Painter Bastien gave the audience a treat with action painting while Stephen Winkel displayed abstract painting in a presentation called Bacteria Organica Thank You.
Acclaimed choreographer Peggy Ann Ouleriche did a series of improvised dance sequences called Tracks in the performance arts category.
HeadMade Factory said that hosting a Biennial Contemporary Art Conference here as well will allow them to meet their goal of welcoming new artists and new talent.
“With the support of tourism and education authorities, these artists want to organize events to prove the strength of contemporary art here and promote the island in another way of tourism,” the grouping said.

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