Happy St. Maarten Day

POSTED: 11/9/12 12:33 PM

Another St. Maarten Day is almost upon us, but do we have something to celebrate? We hear year after year stories about the cooperation between the Dutch and the French side, but, truth be told, we never see any practical results.

About a year ago then vice President Daniel Gibbs proposed the formation of a joint parliament – a forum where politicians from both sides of the border meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of common interest.

That sounded like a simple and also practical idea, but guess what. Not a single politician on the Dutch side even reacted to this idea – not from the cabinet-level and not from the parliament-level.

No reaction is obviously also a reaction. It tells us that politicians are not really interested in working together. That is a pity because there is enough to do. After celebrating our togetherness again this weekend, it is about time to give it practical meaning as well.

Today’s staff and management wishes everybody a happy and thoughtful St. Maarten Day.


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