Happy St. Maarten Carnival to all

POSTED: 04/18/16 4:32 PM

St. Maarten News – The Minister of Culture Silveria Jacobs extends to the entire community of St. Maarten as well as to our visitors a happy and safe Carnival in a brief press statement.

48 Years of evolving Carnival celebrations have kept segments of our culture alive and it is the hope of the Minister that even more core cultural aspects receive the recognition they deserve during this our largest cultural celebration of the year and years to come.

All stakeholders in Carnival, from the SCDF, the promoters and sponsors, booth-holders, the participants, the spectators and law enforcement are key to the success of this three week event.

Come and enjoy life, but please do so responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, remember your number one responsibility as parents is to keep your children safe. Be an active and involved parent and citizen.

To all our talented participants, calypsonians, dancers, singers, pageant delegates, revelers and performers of every art form, I wish you much success as you continue to promote your talent SxmStyle!

Happy and safe Carnival to all.”

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Happy St. Maarten Carnival to all by

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