Half-brothers at war again

POSTED: 08/17/11 11:23 AM

Rollocks demands removal Talking Drums Foundation container

St. Maarten – Julian Rollocks and his half-brother Cimmaron Marlin are at war again. This time, Rollocks demands that Marlin removes a container from a plot of land on Arch Road at the bottom of Spring-Garden Estate. Rollocks intends to develop the property and build ten houses on the location.
In a letter dated August 10, Rollocks demands that Marlin removes the blue container that stands on the property before this upcoming Saturday, August 20.
“For two years you have parked your container on this property free of charge (…), “Rollocks wrote. “We need this property for personal use and we are hereby requesting you to remove this container off the land within the next ten days.”
If Marlin visits the property after August 20, this will be considered trespassing, Rollocks wrote. “Failure to comply will result in we asking the government or a private company to remove the container, after which it will either be destroyed or discarded.” All of this at your expense.”
Cimmaron Marlin delivered copies of the letter to the Court in First Instance, the police, the prosecutor’s office, the HBN law firm and Leopold James; he also gave copies to the media.
Marlin says that he uses the container to store material of projects for his Talking Drums Foundation. The container’s interior however, is a disorganized jumble of cardboard boxes of which the contents is unclear. Marlin said that he will reorganize the material once he gets set up at the Belvedere Border Point.
That remains another bone of contention between the half brothers. Rollocks drafted an agreement dated February 14, 20110 that appoints him as the manager of the Border Point project in charge of “general maintenance, collection of rent and overall management.”
The agreement sets up the project’s administration at the St. Jans Steeg 2A in Philipsburg. The administration will be “available to Mr. C. Marlin at his request.”
Furthermore, the agreement grants Rollocks a monthly $700 salary, plus $2,500 monthly installments (until the loan is repaid.” The agreement also gives Cimmaron Marlin a $700 monthly salary.
Cimmaron Marlin did not sign this agreement and he told this newspaper yesterday that he has no intention to do so in the future.
Rollocks sent a copy of the agreement to his “comrade Leopold James.” In an accompanying letter, dated August 8, he wrote, “You can see what I have done to solve the dispute with Cimmaron. Attached is the agreement that he agreed to sign in the presence of the notary a couple of months ago. If Cimmaron signs this letter at my lawyer tomorrow, the lien will be lifted and the court case will be withdrawn, and the entire episode will disappear from the media. I am open for any reasonable alternative proposal once I can recoup my investment.”
Marlin said that so far no date has been set for a new court case. Based on documents Marlin made available to this newspaper, Rollocks put a lien on the assets of the Belvedere Border point project on July 4.
In April of last year, the Court in First Instance ruled against Rollocks, and forbade him to act as a representative for the Talking Drums Foundation.
Rollocks took the foundation to court demanding that it abides by an agreement he signed with it for the exploitation of the Borderpoint. Under the agreement, Rollocks would get 60 percent of the rent and income from “joint activities,” and the foundation the remaining 40 percent.
Marlin denied in court that he ever signed a rent-sharing agreement. Judge mr. D.M. Thierry concluded that the real reason for the lawsuit was reclaiming a $33,000 investment Rollocks claimed to have made in the Borderpoint project.
The court dismissed the repayment claim, because “the existence and the amount of the claim” have not been made sufficiently plausible. “Rollocks did not establish how the amount of the investment he claims has come into being,” Thierry ruled.
In spite of this ruling, Rollocks has not given up his quest for recouping his investment, as the draft February 14 agreement shows.

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